Top Tips for Writing

How to begin…

·       Writing begins with reading – so read lots and lots and lots.

·       Write about something that you are really interested in.

·       Beginning is often the hardest part. I always start by thinking of the actual place where the story is set: the landscape. Walk yourself through it in your imagination and then decided on the place where your story begins.

·       Next, put characters into the landscape. These do not need to be human, but they do need to have enough human characteristics to allow the reader to identify with them.

·       Now get to know your characters like friends and they will guide you through your story.


Keep going…

·       Write a little bit every day if possible. Just a few sentences to keep the story fresh in your mind.

·       And after you have written it, read it out loud to yourself.

·       Be patient. Writing a good story takes time. Someone said that writing a novel is like filling a swimming pool with a teaspoon, which makes writing a story like filling a bath with an eggcup. It takes a little bit at a time, but you will get there in the end.

·       Be sure to go over and over what you have written and make sure it all makes sense. And that it is spelt right. This is called editing.

·       When you have something you are pleased with be brave and show it to a friend. Tell them you really want to know what they think of it. Remember, you are writing your story for other people to read. Listen to what they say, and if you think you need to make changes, make them. A story is like a living thing. You must allow it to grow and develop.

If you get stuck…

If your story gets stuck don’t panic. This happens to all writers at some time. There are all kinds of reasons for this, but whatever the reason you are stuck, do not worry that you might be suffering from the dreaded Writers Block, you are not. Click HERE for some tips on what to do.