I think everyone should be allowed at least one pet werewolf.
— Araminta Spook(ie)

Araminta Spook – known as Araminta Spookie in the USA – is, I think, how I would have liked to have been age nine. She is funny, brave and not afraid to say what she thinks. She is also obsessed with ghosts, werewolves and anything else slightly strange. 

At the beginning of the series Araminta is a little bit lonely. She lives in a huge house with her Aunt Tabby and Uncle Drac and longs to find a ghost. She could also do with a best friend, although she doesn’t know it yet, and when Wanda Wizzard and her strange parents turn up Araminta is not particularly pleased.

But over time Araminta and Wanda become Best Friends Forever. They also find a highly unusual assortment of ghosts and have some scary and funny adventures along the way.

You can read the Araminta books in any order you like as each one has its own story.

When you are a ghost living inside a suit of armour you do not go outside in a thunderstorm and expect to come back in one piece.
— Araminta Spook(ie)

If you want to join Araminta and Wanda on their adventures you can find Araminta Spook in the UK at Amazon.co.uk and Araminta Spookie in the USA at Amazon.com.