Maximillian Fly has flown

A long overdue update! 

Maximillian and those pesky dragons pretty much took over my head since the last post, but apologies for being silent for so very long. The dragons have gone now and so too, very recently, has Maximillian Fly. I'm waiting to hear what my wonderful editor and publisher thinks of him and hoping that he aquits himself well. Maximillian Fly is a stand alone novel that I'm hoping will be out sometime in 2018 although I've not yet got a precise publication date. It will by published by HarperCollins USA. 

And who is Maximillian Fly? He is, he would tell you, Roach. He looks not unlike a 6 foot tall cockroach with a few human-style modifications. But in his heart and soul, Maximillian is as human as you or I.   

So what comes after Max Fly? Well, I have another world cooking and I'm working on the first few chapters to send to my agent to see what she thinks of it. I'm planning a trilogy set in a watery, weird place. Two female protagonists to begin with, I think. So far there are ancient families, strange traditions, danger lurking beneath the water and possibly some shapeshifting too. As I write, I am realising this is really for a YA age group. Even Max Fly is, I think, for slightly older readers - this seems to be the way my writing is heading now. 

And what books do I have coming out this year - in 2017? Er, well actually none, I'm sorry to say. The dragon project is long and involved and won't be out for some time, I think. But I hope Maximillian Fly will make up for the lack next year. No pressure, then, Max...

And I'm reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I am actually reading it for the second time - immediately   I finished it I went back to the beginning and started again. I have never done that before with a book. It is stunning. I'd love to write a sequel ...